EcoPerspectives is a Canberra based economic consultancy with experience and expertise in energy, climate change and environmental policy and economics as well as public policy design and evaluation more broadly.



Energy systems are undergoing disruptive change all over the world. Technological pressures, climate change pressures and changing demand patterns are fundamentally altering the economics of energy.

We help our clients to understand the energy transition that is underway and related opportunities and costs. we have a deep understanding of the energy sector and advise governments at all levels on policy responses and the implications of change.


Climate Change is one of the most pressing environmental, social and economic issues we face today. We work with our clients to understand the risks and costs associated with climate change and help them plan for adaptation.

We also undertake scenario planning, provide advice on efficient and effective climate change mitigation policy and uncover the associated opportunities and costs.


Using the latest economic and modelling tools, as well as a track record in working in interdisciplinary teams, we provide highly sought-after analysis and advice across a range of environmental public policy areas. Our skills include:
- Market Based Instrument design and implementation
- Program/Policy design and evaluation
- Rationales for intervention, including externalities, market failures and behavioural barriers
- Efficiency and effectiveness analysis
- Scenario analysis
- Regulation Impact Statements
- Cost Benefit analysis, including in areas where quantification is difficult




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